Pan Bahar Crystal 

Limited Edition


Coming from a rich lineage of dedicated producers Pan Bahar Crystal has all it takes to evolve into an Aficionado’s favorites. With a taste to serenade the senses, Its blend reflects brand Pan Bahar’s passion and the undying love to create something rare and superior. Pan Bahar Crystal truly a labour of love.

Pan Bahar Crystal bespeaks an absolute blend. The defining taste of The Most Expensive Pan Masala that’s blessed with handpicked Supari from SHIMOGA, rarest Attars from KANNAUJ and ORRISA, Exquisitely filtered catechu, COCHIN’s aromatic cardamom and MYSORE’s famed sandalwood Oil. And infused with 100% edible GOLD and SILVER leaves, Its lingering aroma is an perfect harmony with character of this invigorating blend.