Our History 

The story began from a small home of Kanpur over 70 years ago. A passionate effort that invented a historical concept of experiencing a taste and flavor of pan in redefined manner, walking through many milestones along the way. The heritage class & quality of an age old secrete still continues...

  • history-1936


    The first effort of making a pan masala were made by Shir Ratanlal Jain in a small home of Kanpur. A home counter run by family members was the only point of sale for pan masala at the time, And from their the story began

  • history-1966


    Ashok & Co. was established by Shri Praksh Chand Jain, father of present brand owner of Ashok & Co.- Pan Bahar Ltd., as an endeavor to make the concept of pan masala big and spread across the country.

    The manufacturing and packaging were still home based processes.

    As a Branding effort, ‘Paper Labelling’ on the cans was also exercised.

  • history-1966


    Pan Bahar ideated and executed its very first promotional campaign under the guidance of Shri Prakash Chand Jain. The campaign was aimed at making Pan Bahar a household name. For making it a success, Shri Prakash Chand Jain gave away uncountable packets of Pan Bahar to the people who came at pan shops to eat pan.

  • history-1974


    Direct printing on tin replaced the old-fashioned way of paper labeling on the cans.

    Mechanization process was introduced. Prior to this time, the business was totally run from home. Subsequently, roles and duties were defined to keep family’s concentration high on quality control of an invention & class ‘Pan Bahar’.

  • history-1979


    Production of Pan Bahar stopped only to resume later as a bigger and better brand.

    In a same year, company introduced Begum, Natkhat and Wah Pan Masala for pan lovers, All these brand were well appritiated by the masses.

  • history-1980


    The family business welcomed Shri Dinesh Jain, The brand owner of Ashok & Co.- Pan Bahar Ltd. to join and carry forward the legacy….

  • history-1988


    In line with consumer feedback and common practice of adding tobacco to pan masala, all products manufactured as pan masala were converted to Gutkha.

  • history-1993


    Company setup its second factory in the capital of India to celebrate people’s passion for an age old secret which was spreading its magic among aficionados and demand was growning like anything.

  • history-1996


    Pan Bahar used Print Media to its fullest to publicize and promote the brand.

  • history-2004


    Pan Bahar- The heritage blend was back under Ashok & Co. Pan Bahar Ltd. by the efforts of Shri Dinesh Jain.

    At the time of the re-launch, pan connoisseurs were asked to collect old Pan Bahar tin cans and exchange them for silver packs. Surprisingly, more than 500 cans were exchanged by pan lovers, for silver cans.

  • history-2006


    Firoz Khan and Fardeen Khan, the father and son duo, who reflect the perfect link of the older generation with the younger one, were roped-in as the brand ambassadors of the ‘The Heritage Pan Masala – Pan Bahar’.

  • history-2011


    Post government notification on Gutkha ban- Begum,Natkhat, Wah and Dilruba converted back into Pan Masala and thereafter sold as tobacco free product.

  • history-2012


    Years of research and development came to the world which reformed the company’s and pan bahar imagery, Pan Bahar Crystal bespeaks an absolute blend. The defining taste of ‘The world’s most expensive pan masala’ that’s blessed with handpicked supari from SHIMOGA, rarest attars from KANNAUJ & ORISSA, equisitely filttered catechu, COCHIN’S aromatic cardamoms and MYSORE’S famed sandalwood oil infused with 100% edible gold and silver leaves, its lingering aroma is in perfect harmony with the character of this invigorating blend. Serving the elite class, This limited edition blend , is packed in a beautiful imported crystal bottle with gold plated label in a satin lined box to give a completely new experience of elegance.

  • history-2013


    The increasing consumer demand post enormous success of Pan Bahar Crystal limited edition pack, company launched this blend with 100% vegetarian silver leaves in Easy to Carry ultra premium embossed metal can with crystal embedded lid and ultra premium single does paper pouch to reach out the masses who believe in the class.

  • history-2013

    2013 (II)

    Pan Bahar Crystal CAN received international recognition and won two awards at ‘Asia CanTech 2013’ in Surabaya, Indonesia 1) ‘SUPREME AWARD’ for its speciallity can uses reverse seaming technology & 2) ‘Most Stylish CAN’ for its rich look, small crystal bead mounted on the tip of the CAN and intricate embossing with the range of colors demonstrated on the design.

    In an attempt to grow bigger and reach farther, the company opened a factory in Kandla, Gujarat, which is also used as the Export hub for Pan Masala.

  • history-2014


    March’14, The heritage blend changed its costume, not only aesthetically beautiful but also modern, edgy and sensational. The ‘STYLISH PACK’ honor to a man with the great understanding of an age old secret. Redefining the symbol of status, the stylish pack started receiving tremendous response from the connoisseurs of taste since its launch.

  • history-2014-2

    2014 (II)

    Shri Dinesh Jain, A man who was being recognized as the game changer in the industry awarded by WCRC (Process advised and validated by Ernst & young LLP India) as one of ‘India’s Most Promising Leader 2013’ for his contribution to FMCG Industry and his carefully crafted brand ‘Pan Bahar Crystal’ honored as one of ‘India’s Most promising Brand 2013’.

  • saif-bg


    Pan Bahar re-positioned as ‘Pehchan Kamyabi Ki’ and campaign launched with new brand ambassador Saif Ali khan.

  • pan-bahar-new-can


    Pan Bahar new stylish Can Launched.

  • Bahubali


    Pan Bahar Launched Bahubali Pan Masala

  • saif-party


    New TV Commercial ‘Party Film’ launched with Celebrity Saif Ali Khan

  • PANB3


    New campaign with style icon Mr. Pierce Brosnan launched for promoting mouth-freshener product launched under the brand pan bahar.

  • product5


    Pan Bahar Launched Bahar Select

  • pb4


    ‘Master Blender’ Campaign- ad campaign featuring the secret behind ‘pan bahar’ launched across media. This campaign helped brand to build consumer believe on effort the company made maintaining the product quality since beginning