pan bahar | pehchan kamyabi ki

A society is a mixture of diverse culture, blended with different people, thoughts and actions.

Some people serve their whole life to giving back to society. People who always take the initiative to do a greater good for others and cross every limit just for the betterment of fellow others. They inspire us to do unimaginable things and encourage us to spread this feat. These remarkable humans define the real definition of "PEHCHAN KAMYABI KI".

It really needs a strong will and determination to do such things. We salute these heroes for their extraordinary work and give them a platform where the society knows their sacrifices, ups and downs of these inspirational lives.


Pan Bahar History

Tour through the time-line of one of the exclusive names in the Pan Masala industry.


Making of Pan Bahar

Opening up the secret world of ingredients and more that go into making of our rich range.


Our Products

Detailing upon the delicacies that Pan Bahar presents to the world of pan lovers.



Take a sneak-peek into the glorious achievements made by the company till date.


Known to the world as ‘THE HERITAGE PAN MASALA’, the company has spanned over 50 years of existence through leadership and belief in excellence of taste.

The first effort of making a pan masala were made by Shir Ratanlal Jain in a small home in Kanpur in 1936. At that time home counter was the only point of sale which was run by family members only.

The foundation of organizational entity was set by Shri Praksh Chand Jain in 1966. His passion for pan invented a delicacy called Pan Bahar Pan Masala for which he travelled around the country and procured the best quality ingredients from the richest farms, created a perfect blend of these ingredients and discovered the brand.






Sandalwood Oil




Cardamom Seeds


A delightful blend of hand-picked ingredients from the best farms around the world make our pan masala a unique composition of Betelnut, Lime, Catechu, Cardamom seeds, sandal wood oil, Kewara and many rare flavouring substances, from where the story of master blend began.