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Infused with real 100% edible silver leaves, these tiny refined cardamom seeds ( Elaichi ) are nothing less than silver beads that give you an instant freshness and aromatic and soothing experience. Based on the age-old formula, the master blenders deem to serve you their premium selection through their product The Heritage Elaichi. With this, Pan Bahar offers the rich & traditional experience to its connoisseurs.

Having stood strong across the golden 50 years, we are offering our native recipe that has grabbed a large chunk of the market. Packed in a 100g pack, this will give you immense pleasure as your favourite mouth-freshener.

pan bahar elaichi



A product from our ultra-premium category, Pan Bahar Crystal was introduced in 2013 for improving the imagery of the brand. Manufactured using a secret formula and extremely rare ingredients, Crystal is the choicest pan masala for the elite class.

The blend is rare and requires a great eye for detail while mixing the silver leaves with other ingredients like lime, catechu, katha and supari. Needless to say, Pan Bahar Crystal has been far more than a product for the company. It is the face of the changing ideology of the company. As an effort to change the imagery of the brand, the focus for Crystal was not just on the quality of the pan masala but the way it is packaged and presented to the world.

The Pan Bahar Crystal Can in its endeavor, won the ‘Supreme Award’ and ‘Most Stylish Can Award’ for its specialty can that uses reverse seaming technology, in Asia Can Tech 2013 held in Surabaya, Indonesia. In year 2014, the brand has been awarded as one of the India’s most promising brand by WCRC (Process advised and validated by Ernst and Young LLP India).

pan bahar heritage


limited edition

Coming from a rich lineage of dedicated producers Pan Bahar Crystal has all it takes to evolve into an Aficionado’s favorites. With a taste to serenade the senses, Its blend reflects brand Pan Bahar’s passion and the undying love to create something rare and superior. Pan Bahar Crystal truly a labour of love.

Pan Bahar Crystal bespeaks an absolute blend. The defining taste of The Most Expensive Pan Masala that’s blessed with handpicked Supari from SHIMOGA, rarest Attars from KANNAUJ and ORRISA, Exquisitely filtered catechu, COCHIN’s aromatic cardamom and MYSORE’s famed sandalwood Oil. And infused with 100% edible GOLD and SILVER leaves, Its lingering aroma is an perfect harmony with character of this invigorating blend.


pan bahar

the heritage

Pan Bahar didn’t just invent pan masala, it pioneered an exquisite blend that stood tall as the most preferred pan masala over the ages. For the discerning connoisseurs of tastes, “Pan Bahar” is more than a name; its defining cult brand that ruled the hearts. Pan Bahar the taste generations have followed and loved.

Produced by blending together finest quality of hand-picked Kewra, Supari, Katha and Catechu with fragrances and flavors of Sandalwood, Illaichi and Gulab, Pan Bahar is relished for its exquisite taste. Available in different packaging including the tin cans and sachets, Pan Bahar is a benchmark for any other product that we manufacture.



the heritage

A luxurious scent and a rich taste define Begum as one of the bestselling Pan Masalas in western Rajasthan. Prepared with a secret formula that combines cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, Begum emits a pleasant fragrance. Developed after understanding the preferences of pan lovers, Begum packs the best variety ingredients to give an unparalleled taste. The seamless packaging of the product holds the fragrance intact until the product is opened and savoured.

pan bahar heritage


pan masala

The first flavor of this pan masala in the mouth justifies its name –


Wah is simply a blend of wonderful ingredients procured and mixed together in the right manner and in the right proportions. Apart from using the finest ingredients, using an inimitably hygienic way of manufacturing is what makes Wah a reputed pan masala brand in the industry.

pan bahar heritage



A product for the masses, Dilruba is a national bestseller that is manufactured using ingredients like Betel nut, catechu, lime and menthol. Unlike Crystal and Pan Bahar, this Pan Masala is sold under the tagline ‘sahi pan masala’.

The product is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and in completely safe and hygienic conditions.



pan masala

A delicate blend of strong taste and intense aroma, Bahubali Pan Masala has been tailored to the tastes of the bold and daring few who stay ahead of the herd. A union of the choicest secret ingredients it has been mirroring the taste of success since aug 2015.

pan bahar heritage


pan masala

Sold in small packets, this tasteful pan masala became an instant hit; post its launch in the western parts of India. It is particularly famous amongst the pan lovers in the region of Rajasthan.

Manufactured using the latest machines and technologies, Natkhat ensures that the essence of pan masala remains sealed in for a long time even after the pack is opened.

pan bahar heritage



Made with components that are assembled from the places where they blossom in the best of their quality, Begum Shahi pan masala allows you to experience the real novelty of pan masala. Natural flavors as well as aromas are unmatched in taste and quality. Made using advanced technological process, Bahar is available in small and bigger paper pouches.